The main reason is if the burner is not aligned straight onto the valve. Sometimes when putting the bottom front panel on and putting the valve stem through the panel hole (to be able to put the knob on) it will push the valve downwards, causing the burner stem to not be aligned straight onto the valve. You can check this by placing the vault on its side and looking at where the burner stem/venturi tube connects onto the valve, and make sure they are straight. If it is on an angle, simply loosen the bottom front panel, so that the valve stem is not so tight against the hole, that should give more room to align the burner stem and valve.
No. All of our products have been safety tested and approved to outdoor use only.
No. There has been a recent change in the hardware for the handle assembly. We no longer include two Jam Nuts and now include a lock nut.
No. However, that shouldn't affect things too much. Many people smoke year-round.
Tighten the lock nut down with a wrench. As you tighten it, it will lock in place and close the remaining gap between the door and the handle assembly.
Yes. Due to the smoking/smoldering/burning of the wood chips and the wind coming through the side vents—it can affect the flame on the burner and create temperature variations